Value Investing – Selection of equity investments by finding undervalued issues with the intent that they will grow and create higher returns as they were purchased when they were undervalued.

Value Line Index – A weighted index consisting of seventeen (17) hundred selected issues from the NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ markets.

Variable Annuity – A life insurance contract which provides future payments based on the performance of the underlying securities to the holder of the contract and is usually paid at retirement.

Vesting – A period of time over which an employer’s contributions to a pension/retirement plan become the property of the employee.

Volatility – The amount of uncertainty or risk about the size of changes in a security’s value. Usually measured by the standard deviation.

Voting Trust Certificate – A negotiable certificate that trades in the secondary market issued by a trustee representing the deposit of the securities in the trust and giving up all voting rights. The investor continues to receive all other benefits such as dividends and ownership.