Our team has a mission, and that mission is to assist you. During our mutually convenient benefits consultations, we sit down with you and get to know more about you, your family or your company, so we can get a better understanding of your needs. We then walk you through the different carrier and benefits package options to allow you to choose and design the most cost-effective plans that provide you with the right coverage.

We know that every company and every individual’s needs is different, which is why we meet with you personally to discuss your company’s objectives, profit margins, employee demographics and the nature of your business. In doing this, we are able to decide the plan that is the best fit for you. During the benefits consultations, we evaluate different plans and funding alternatives, negotiate with carriers and deliver a summary of recommended plan provisions, cost and benefits. Many times, our recommendations will result in improving tax efficiency of existing plans and helping to make benefits more meaningful to the recipient.

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