When you are busy managing your company, overseeing all business operations, and tending to client and customer needs, you may have little time to think about the complex details of your employees’ health care benefits. Your employees are your greatest investment, and health insurance is a critical factor to retain and recruit employees, as well as maintain productivity and satisfaction. At Schechter Benefits Advisors, we understand. Our team will provide you with a personal benefits consultation and design programs that provide proper levels of coverage, which are competitively priced and cost-effective.

Services include:

  • Benefit plans

    Dental, vision, health, life insurance, long term care, disability

  • Executive Benefits including defined benefit programs

  • 401(k) Plans

  • Consultations

  • Employee communication and education

  • Corporate Wellness programs

  • Online enrollment through MyPlanDetails.com

  • Health Care Reform Compliance

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